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Raqs Henna Audio

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This is the first piece for Belly Dance written and recorded by Portland, Oregon musician, producer and promoter,

David Reihs

. It was composed for a choreography by


in conjunction with

Datura Online


David Reihs -

Henna -

Datura Online -

LISTEN to an excerpt of Raqs Henna here:

This release comes with 4 high quality 320 kbps mp3 files, featuring 4 different mixes of the piece:

1. Raqs Henna (stereo), Total time 3:13

2. Raqs Henna (mono),  Total time 3:13

3. Raqs Henna Extended Mix(stereo) - with solo - Total time 3:48

4. Raqs Henna Extended Mix(mono) - with solo - Total time 3:48

We have offered both stereo and mono mixes of each version. Stereo mixes are best for stage performances where the audience will be sitting in front of the speakers. Mono mixes are best for situations such as restaurants and multiple room performances, when the speakers may be placed where the audience cannot hear both left and right channels of the stereo field. Using the mono mix will assure that all audience members and performers will hear the complete recording.

Production Credits:

Written by:

David Reihs

with Brett Pitner and Ian Abdo

Performed by:

David Reihs: percussion(Egyptian tabla, riq, katim) and keyboards(accordion, qanun, nai, strings)

Brett Pitner: Glissentar

Ian Abdo: violin and bass

Recorded by:

Brett Pitner and Ian Abdo

Mixed and Mastered by:

Ian Abdo and David Reihs

© 2013 dhavir productions/David Reihs -

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Raqs Henna Audio

3 ratings
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